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Pure Car Rent - Phuket Motorbike / Motorcycle Rental

Discovery Phuket on motorcycles is wonderful. You will get a great unforgettable experience while you are riding a motorcycle. More than 50% of local people use motorcycle as their transportation.

But before you hire a motorcycle, you have to think seriously about weather if it's worth convenience to hire one. You have also needed to think seriously about insurance policy and driving style in Phuket. Driving style in Phuket is dangerous for visitors who don't familiar with it. But for one who have more than a year experience in riding motorcycles, after you ride it for couple hours in Phuket, you will get used to Phuket driving style.

If you have never ridden a motorcycle at all, we recommend you to hire a jeep or car. Hiring a jeep is a little more expensive, but it's come with better insurance and much safer for you.


  • Terms & Conditions for car rental and motorbike rental are different, especially about insurance. Motorbike rental has nearly no insurance at all. Please read Terms & Conditions for more details.

  • We can deliver and collect rental motorbikes to and from your hotel in Phuket Town. Delivery & collection service to hotels out of Phuket Town are available only for rental periods over 3 days, and delivery & collection charge may be applied.

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